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  1. Klang introduces Smart Parking MPKlang
  2. Pusat Jualan Kupon dan Pas Bulanan Letak Kereta MPK
  3. The FlexiParking App And 6 Other Services That You Should Use As A Selangor Resident
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Hi, I would like to share with your readers about an incident today when I pay for my parking fee in Klang. After I have parked my car, I walked to the self-service car park machine to pay for an hour's parking fee 50 sen in Klang, 60 sen in Petaling Jaya and 40 sen in Shah Alam for an hour. Everything seemed to be fine.


Klang introduces Smart Parking MPKlang

The machine printed out a parking coupon and after displaying the coupon at the vehicle's dashboard, I went to perform my errands nearby. He then acted as if he is going to issue a summon to my car.

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I ran towards him and asked him if everything is OK. I told him that I have paid for my parking and he can see the coupon clearly on the dashboard. To my shock, the MPK officer said that he planned to issue a summon to me because the 50 sen coin that I had used to pay for the parking fee was a fake coin. The officer mentioned that if a person used a fake coin to pay for the parking fee, it means that no parking fee has been paid. The MPK officer also showed to me how to read the parking coupon and spot if the coins used are fake or not see the attached graphics - "TOKEN" means that the coins used are fake.

Luckily, the officer understood my situation and decided not to issue any summon to me. Having said that, I would like to share this experience and knowledge with your readers so that the unsuspected citizens can give special attention when paying for their parking fee at the self-service machines to avoid being innocently penalised. Show posts by this member only Post 2. Wow didnt know got such thing: Anyway thx for the info: Show posts by this member only Post 3.

I don't understand this portion: Show posts by this member only Post 4.

Pusat Jualan Kupon dan Pas Bulanan Letak Kereta MPK

Show posts by this member only Post 5. How the officer came to a understanding of your situation? What he understood that you're not using fake coins? Seems like machine is not that reliable. Show posts by this member only Post 6. I also dont understand one part If the machine sence that it is a fake coin then why does it still issue a ticket wif end time Show posts by this member only Post 7.

The FlexiParking App And 6 Other Services That You Should Use As A Selangor Resident

You may pay parking 2 hours earlier before parking required time starts, for example from Prepaid Credit is purchased through a secure 2-factor authentication with SMS online banking. The prepaid credit can be used to pay parking, compounds and even transfer to your friends as a gift. Digital receipt stores online and can be printed out when necessary and e-mail receipt as soon as parking payment is made. Enforcements are all online checking your vehicle number through the server. You no longer need to display anything on the vehicle.

You don't need tickets or cards or scanning.

Parking Coupon Task

Running timer exactly tells you the remaining time your parking payment is. A reminder will prompt user to top up parking time when expiry time is near.

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All timing are calibrated with the internet and enforcements are checking the parking in real time. History and receipts can be obtained from the app through the payment records. Only one login username and password required to pay at different municipal councils and gated parkings.

The stairways are stinky, so take the elevator.

It is an autopay carpark so pay before you exit. The council reps come twice a day, consistently. And they mostly target double parkers and yellow line parkers. So make sure your ticket is paid up to 2pm and your car will be left alone. Be warned, there are no elevators and the stairs are a little dodgy. But apparently it is the most frequent during lunch hours. The date was then moved to June. As of 8 June, the fencing on the ground floor and the area surrounding it was still not done.

Chances are slim for it to finish in June.

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It has also increased in price from a year ago. The rates are also surprisingly reasonable considering the alternative.

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It is also a spot for rampant clamping these days. Do not park on the shoulders of roads. Police have also been known to saman and they will saman at night.