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Websites like GoodRx and LowestMed compare pharmacies within zip codes for specific medications, and even offer coupons and drug information. In that case, the cost of convenience may just be too high. More stories from NerdWallet Health:. How to Save On Asthma Medications. Family Finance Health Care. The SyncUp Rx Discount card can be utilized by anyone in the us.

Your card is pre-activated, so you can use it immediately. Savings may vary with the Attain drug discount card depending on the pharmacy, which medications are prescribed, their respective dosages, with your region of your nation. We have negotiated the cheapest possible rates for SyncUp Rx discount pharmacy coupons card members. The card can be used as the whole family and extended family. Your drug discount card works very well at over 60, participating pharmacies nationwide including all major chains.

HealthTrans can make use of the buying power of numerous individuals to negotiate lower prices for their members, by supplying their card to a lot of participants.

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Our pharmacy coupons were also provided, and they are still available, at county agencies including the Department of Social Services, Health Department, Department of Aging, in addition to local pharmacies for residents to get when they do not possess a card that belongs to them. Your health checking account can be used to buy qualified medical expenses as dependant on law. I, like others, rec'd it in the mail. I also had been checking out pharmacys online. I kept being sent to sites telling me to print a coupon and bring that in, just like the card I went to CVS.

Had a scrip insurance would not cover. When paying I asked about the "coupon" I printed. Like going to a supermarket and having them put a card in for you, the cashier told me that she would apply the discount for me, WITHOUT ever looking at the coupon. Next time, just ask! Answered 3 years ago by msmeow Essentially, the company is based on the concept that economists call "price descrImitation.

This is because at a given high price, many people will simply not purchase at all. For example, think if student ID discounts at the movie theater, or senior discounts at restaraunts. As for prescriptions, many people with insurance can relate to the moment they receive a statement showing that the insurance company paid a substantially lower price for your medicine, than you would have paid had you not been insured. In fact, the non-insurance price seems so high that you think: The perscription discount functions much like a student ID in that it lets the pharmacy know that the customer is in a category of people unlikely to give them business without a discount.

This is why people with insurance can't use the cards. In exchange for helping pharmacies identify new customers, pharmacies are willing to give discounts to customers, and also pay companies like NPAN a "finders fee. Answered 3 years ago by Frodgers Ask youself one question. Why would some random company offer you a "discount" on all of your prescriptions for the rest of your life for free? Do you actually believe that? And do you want all of your medical prescription or other infiormation to be accessed by said company? Answered 3 years ago by jdmuhr6.

You may find the discounts are only available in certain circumstances, while they follow your prescription history and get marketing info on you when you register. These came to me today, unsolicited. I never heard of this company. At first I thought it was connected with Obamacare, until I read the letter. Then I suspected that once you start using the cards, the company would harvest your personal information and sell it.

It sounded too good to be true. So I went online and googled National Prescription and found some very valuable articles that validated my suspicions. The actual company who runs this "program" is called ScriptRelief. ScriptRelief is a marketing company They make their money by selling your personal information to other companies whose names are never disclosed.

You don't know who is going to end up with your personal information and how they are going to use it. Your personal information could even be sold to companies in foreign countries. Don't believe what the cards say on the back when they claim they won't sell your personal information.

rx relief card drug list – Sync Mobile Dealer Solutions

Anybody who has to use different names like that is hiding something. The fact they don't state the address or the actual name of the company is highly suspect. They don't want you to know they are a marketing company eager and ready to sell your personal information in exchange for a SMALL discount on your drugs.

I don't think it is worth the small discount to give up your privacy to a company that will make millions selling your personal information. Answered 3 years ago by jewelbrite.

A New Way To Save Using Internet Drug Coupons

I received one in the mail and once I lost my insurance I ended up using National Prescription Assistance Network card. The only one it didn't help with is my thyroid medicine but that med is not expensive. I get insurance again next month so I won't need to use it, but for now it helped me out immensely.

Prescription Drug Discount Card Business Opportunity - Free RX Cards

Answered 3 years ago by MariaGK. These cards are a SCAM. Using this card gives this company access to your personal information. Since it involves medical information, think social security number. Some of these comments are ridiculous, paranoia, ignorance, etc These companies provide a valuable service to those who do not have insurance or the medications are not covered by one's insurance. For example, I was forced to change to a different pan, after my very good insurance that I had for a continuous 30 years. The Obama "Insurance " mafia forced my insurance company, Blue Cross, to cancel all of the policies like mine.

Why, I haven't been able to get a concise explanation from the Feds. First, the federal bureaucrat said that it was canceled because it did not meet the requirements, set forth in the ACA Obamacare; specifically, she said that it didn't not provide the minimum requirements of the law. I have never heard someone stutter as badly as she did. I forced her to use her brain, instead of reading from a scripted answer sheet and she, obviously, did not possess the intellectual capabilities to do so.

In the end, I learned absolutely nothing. Getting back to the topic: For example, I was forced to change to a different pan, after my very good insurance thay I had for a continuous 30 years. First, the lady said that it was canceled because it did not meet the requirements, set forth in the ACA Obamacare; specifically, she said that it didn't not provide the minimum requirements of the law. I have never heard someone stutter as baby as she did. So, please consider thay typy are not commentin on someone's purchase of a car.

Your comment could prevent someone from following up and not purchasing medication that tells must have, to survive or to avoid a catastrophic health issue. I have 2 prescriptions that I have been taking for several years. My new plan, with the same company, does not cover the medications, forcing me to cease taking them or paying for them out-of-pocket. You can bet that I took advantage of it, but, not until I educated myself first. Fortunately, I didn't listen to many of the comments, like those on this page. Instead, I did my own research.

The even have an app, that makes it easy to find your medication and the price. Remember, you can find some helpful info on the Internet; however, some of it is pure BS. Do your homework people and save yourself some money. In closing, if you happen to see Obama on the golf course, please tell him, "Thanks", for lying and for furking up mine and millions of other's insurance, as he has done alost everything he has touched.

Answered 3 years ago by Jrcurtis A friend gave me the cards as she has good ins. Because I have Obama care my prescription was not covered and so I handed this PBN card to the walmart pharmacy and my I was shocked and happy. I will see what comes afterwards and I paid cash so there is no credit card to bill me on.

Answered 3 years ago by pndledoux. It does not work with my insurance, however, I have had a number of occasions whereby it was cheaper to use the discount than to pay using my insurance. Answered 3 years ago by RivenFireMarble.

Can You Save On Pharmacy Drugs With RX?

It's best to get cards through your physicans office, or clinic and they are available on the counters of pharmacies. I use a card from netnusity for my mom's perscriptions, so I called Netnursity and spoke to Sally H. Pharmacy Discount or Prescription Discount Cards are available because the companies that manage prescriptions benefit programs make them available to doctors, nurse managed clinics and also dentists and other allied health practitioners. These are the big companies that manage the prescription drug mail order programs, they negote with pharmaceutical manufacturers, they develop maintain the network of participating pharmacies.

These prescription cards can be for people who may have exhausted their presecription benefits. Also, people on plans who are in the donut hole there's a temporary limit on a a drug plan and what it will cover. Another group who would use this card are people whos drugs are cheaper using the discount card. Or simple, someone doesn't have coverage prescription or otherwise. NetNursity works with nurse and healthcare professionals.

They make a work directly with the big prescription benefit company and create the card for healthcare practitioners. Most of their cards are sent to clinics that are in rural or underserved areas. Sally did not know the mission on the "mass mailing" companies. For Netnursity, it's a service for practitioners and their patients. With the rising cost of prescription drugs, complex prescription plans it's a way to try and save money.

Netnursity did say if you get a card cards through the mail, it's because someone bought a mailing list. You should call them and find out how they got your name.

A New Way To Save Using Internet Drug Coupons

Depending on the type of company sending you the card, discounts could vary a lot - depending on how many middle men are involved. Answered 3 years ago by darver. I have used GoodRx and have been able to save quite a bit of money with it, but it really depends on which pharmacy you go to. Since my husband takes only one medication, it doesn't pay for him to use Medicare Part D--we would be paying more than his medication costs. With the GoodRx app you have to be careful to check prices at local pharmacies in your area because they can differ dramatically.

Yesterday I also found out that one pharmacy will not accept GoodRx because the drug price with it is so low that they don't make money by accepting it. The pharmacist told me she would allow it this time but that she had been told by "Corporate" not to accept Good Rx. So while GoodRx is very helpful as a supplement to insurance coverage or for those without any coverage, you have to check prices and pharmacies constantly. Answered 3 years ago by aobrien1. I received one of those cards unsolicited in the mail also. I threw it away! The app brings up different prices for the Rx at local pharmacies so I can compare which pharmacy offers the least expensive price.

See the LA Times: They make their money both on a small sliver from your purchases with the card and also by selling your private, health related data. Answered 3 years ago by bkorb. I have received solicitations in the past and was curious about it these cards that said they will save you money on prescriptions.

Can You Save On Pharmacy Drugs With RX?

Currently, I find myself without insurance, so I was hoping the card would save me a few bucks. None of my info was sent to the card folks from the pharmacy. So as far as I am concernedthese are not a scam and the cards are helpful. Answered 3 years ago by sh Answered 3 years ago by MAGS This will not happen.

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If someone or company does devulge information you can take action. Ask them if you need assurrance. If your phatmacist would do this s he is unethical and you should avoid this person.