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Other wing restaurants have a sauce like the garnet and gold sauce, just under a different name. I love ranch, but never thought that it could be mixed with spicy flavors to create this masterpiece of a sauce. Maple St. The biscuits are always fresh, flaky, and buttery. The Five's fried chicken is fried to perfection, and the melted American cheese and the bacon make it even better.


Cheap Places to Eat in Tallahassee, Florida Panhandle

But what makes it the best item on the menu is that it's smothered in sausage gravy. If you're looking for a savory southern breakfast, Maple St. Tallahassee isn't the healthiest town in the game. Sorry Gordos, but your Cuban doesn't compare to the one from Kubano.

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I'm part Cuban, so I should know. Always fresh and always good. You actually can find fresh oysters in Tallahassee I'm just as surprised as you are.

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Side note: I donut care about Krispy Kreme or Dunkin'. Stop being basic and give in to the temptation to try one of Donut Kingdom's sinfully tasty doughnuts. Tally Pineapple Express was created by two college students, and the bowls they make are the definition of foodporn. There's no set menu and you get to customize your own bowl.

They give you a base of rice and peppers, you get to choose your protein and sauce, and the pineapple that was scooped out to make your bowl. This work of food art is not only innovative, but extremely 'grammable. First things first, if you don't get your burrito wet then you're doing burritos wrong. Melted cheese on my faaaaaat burrito? Yes, please. Do you love cheese? I LOVE cheese, all types of cheese. What's even better than cheese? Bread topped with greasy melted cheesy goodness. This is a fan fave, and for good reason. It's hella creamy and better than your basic bisque from Panera or Newk's.

These are not snow-cones. They are snowballs, and yes there is a difference. The ice is shaved differently, allowing the flavor to stick to the ice rather than all the flavor sinking to the bottom. They have so many flavors to choose from, and you can get as many as you want on one snowball. One thing you absolutely must do is get your snowball stuffed with ice-cream—seriously, you have to. I've mentioned this earlier, but Madso can do no wrong. Apart from their bomb ass regular menu, their brunch menu is even better.

This isn't just your regular chicken and waffles. It's honey chicken and waffles, talk about yum. If you haven't tried this from their menu, get it the next time you're brunching. We're getting fancy here. Sage is the kind of restaurant you make your parents take you to when they're in town. I feel like no one knows about this restaurant because it's so far out, but it's one of the nicest in Tallahassee.

All of the food is high quality, but this is by far the best thing on the menu. Take a break from your instant ramen and treat yo self to the real deal. The Egg puts a unique twist on eggs Benedict for an interesting brunch experience. It comes with two crab cakes topped with poached eggs and drizzled with Cajun hollandaise sauce. More details at: Price and participation may vary. On the Border has a Fajita special on Wednesdays. Good at most locations. From 4 pm to 8 pm get all you can eat Pasta Marinara and Cheese and Pepperoni pizza slizes.

Good for dine-in only at participating locations; not available at Wareham, South Yarmouth, Orleans, Falmouth, and Centerville locations. For the deal announcement see: Good for a limited time at participating locations. You can find the menu and more details at: Quiznos Deal of the Day. Start with your choice of soup and salad.

You can find the complete Early Dining menu at: Red Lobster Weekday Win.

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Red Robin has a kids special every Wednesday. Served with a bottomless side and beverage. For more details see the Red Robin Specials Page. Requires a beverage purchase; dine-in only. Smokey Bones announced the special on their Smokey Bones Specials website. Eastern European. Middle Eastern. South American. Cashew Chicken. Chicken Wings. Corned Beef.

French Toast.

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Hot Dog. Ice Cream. Select None. Dietary Restrictions. Vegetarian Friendly. Vegan Options.

Daily Deals: Wednesday

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Accepts Credit Cards. Free Wifi. Outdoor Seating. Parking Available. Serves Alcohol. Wheelchair Accessible. Good for. Bar scene. Families with children.

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